Sunday, 10 May 2009

Kunersdorf 2009


The first real posting, is from yesterdays display game at Carronade in Falkirk.

Phoenix put on a 250th anniversary of the Battle of Kunersdorf.

All figures are 10mm Pendraken miniatures. Terrain is mostly scratch built by Alisdair, with a church from Timecast.

The battle opened from after the Prussians had made their attempted Oblique.

The assault on the Observation Corps quickly broke through, as Prussian numbers went in with bayonet fixed.

But as happened historically, the bottle neck coming off the Muhlberg soon halted the Prussian advance.

Saltyakov threw in sacrificial regiments to the Kuhgrund ravine which brought him enough time to reform a second line on the Grosser Spitzberg, and await the Austrian reinforcements which would give the numbers he hoped would crush the Prussians.

Our Frederick, had a Wateloo day, and repeatedly delegated control to his subordinates as he popped off to do some shopping. This futher added to the disorder in the Prussian plan (well, so they argued)

The Prussian attack from around Kunersdorf was soon met by the same historic difficulties as happened 250 years ago.

But our Frederick was able to get onto the Grosser Spitzberg, even though he was unable to maintain the volume of casualties needed to retain it.

Line after line of Russians was thrown in to hold the line, and the sheer numbers made the Prussian efforts fruitless.

Meanwhile, Austrian reinforcements were all ordered immediately to the flank, which at one point the Prussians thought may mean a weakness was opening in the Russian centre. It was not to be. Austrian pressure crumbled the remains of the Prussians on the flank, and at this point, the few remaining Prussians, who had by now all been committed into the Grosser Spitzberg and the Kuhgrund ravine conceeded that they had not only lost the battle, but would struggle to extricate much of their army at all.

Most of our references came from either Duffy or from Project SYW.

The game played brilliantly, as always with the excellent rules we used, King of the Battlefield, by Ian Godwin, which are available through Miniature Wargames Magazine.


  1. I would like to point out that most of the time I was absent, I was selling rather than buying!

    Frederick II the second.

  2. The Order of Battle was assisted by the scenarios originally designed for "Volley and bayonet" at since the two rule sets are both based on regimental units.