Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Big Battle King of the Battlefield

Ian decided to hold a big King of the Battlefield game for his brithday last night - a Russians vs all comers (well, Prussians, Austrians and Hanoverians)

We had 40 regiments of Russians with 7 guns and 15 regiments of cavalry, angainst slightly more of the non-orthodox allies, divided into approximately 3 equal national forces.

Theoretically, it was based on Rocroi - although Ian was the only player who could see any resemblance to that from the map he presented us with.

Regrettably, the weather intervened again, and the man himself was unable to get to the paying table until 8.00. He made up for this by launching 12 regiments of Russain cavalry in a death or glory charge directly into the Hannoverian lines, completely ignoring the mased combined allied cavalry covering their flank.

Mostly it was death, although we did get a running tally of the number of regiments he had swept away (6 in one charge), although never with losses incurred, it should be noted.

On the other flank, the AUstrians overran the Russian Hussars covering our right flank, and were soon in amongst the rear of that side as well.

In the middle, however, the main Prussain attack barely moved - you would hardly have known they were attacking at all, to be honest, and our initial Russain defensive positions on the hills were never troubled.

Had we had the extra hour of playing time which the weather denied us, a proper conclusion would have been reached. As it was, it was pretty clear that the Russains had lost both flanks, and were in real trouble - a hasty reformed defensive line covering the woods could have held off the Hannoverians long enough for the main body to retreat, but with all that untouched cavalry able to initiate a pursuit, and nothing to hinder them, well, why run when you can just surrender now and be done with it.

We understand that the rules author's club plays games of 600 points in an evening - this was at least 6000 points per side, and in 2 hours we had a result, if not a conclusion, plenty of drama and still maintained proper linear formations with reserve line supports. Not bad for a hasty arranged game, we though.

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